market soap box
bessa-l w/25mm f/4 skopar
agfa apx 400

He has quite a crowd listening to him. What was he talking about?

Posted by Drew at August 2, 2004 01:10 PM
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kensington market is one of the oldest, most colourful areas in toronto. it's a bohemian paradise, filled with a fantastic mix of punks, hippies, asians, latinos, portuguese, caribbeans, people of every heritage imaginable really. there's food and spices everywhere, vintage clothing, cafes, you name it! All in about 9 square blocks just off chinatown, right downtown.

it's gone through a lot of cultural changes over the years (it was "the jewish market" until the 60s), but it's always resisted the onslaught of corporate marketing and big box stores, and retained it's completely independent inner city mosaic charm.

in recent months, one of the more influential property/shop owners in the market has made a deal to let loblaws (a big corporate supermarket) open a store right smack dab in the middle of it. many many market residents object to this, both for immediate political reasons (disagreements with the store's policies) and for longer term demographic reasons. could this spell the end of the market as we know it? is this the beginning of gentrification?

the scene pictured here is a plebescite of sorts, where the host - a local musician whose name escapes me right now - is fielding questions and opinions from the crowd about this proposed new store. at times it got pretty heated.

a little later on the property owner in question took the mic and gave his point of view on things as well, about how his family had been in business there for decades and wanted to do what was right for the local economy etc.

it was really interesting! and, just the kind of thing that happens in kensington market on a sunday afternoon.

Posted by matto at August 2, 2004 01:37 PM
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Interesting cast of characters! I love how the "intimate" sign above the speaker contrasts the anything but intimate setting.

Posted by E. M. at August 2, 2004 10:21 PM
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